Witty Inventions Workshop

Commercialize Your Creativity !

Witty Invention - Workbook Cover Witty Invention Workshop
  • 2-hour introduction to the As Seen on TV industry.
  • Learn to earn $330,000 inventing products for TV.
  • Discover how to earn $27,500 in finders fees.
  • Develop a keen eye for the 7 criteria of successful TV products.
Co-Inventing Workshop
  • 2-hour session including brainstorming, trends, new material updates, prototype creation and submission process.
  • Consider creativity techniques that can spark imagination.
  • Expand understanding of problems/solutions as the foundation for commercializing inventions.
  • Gain first hand exposure to the invention process from idea to product submission.

Ideal Combinations:

Saturday’s 8am-12 pm, Sundays 1-4 pm, Weekday’s 6-9 pm

i3 Resources offers the Witty Invention Workshop to Schools,Churches, Inventor Groups, and Corporations at no charge.

We invite donations to offset workshop expenses and encourage participants to donate back to the hosting organization, a portion of any financial gain received as a result of the Witty Invention Workshop.

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