The i3 Writer’s Project

It’s often said ‘there’s a book in all of us.’ Believing this statement is true, i3 is focused on developing an environment conducive to bringing out the creative concepts of those wishing to place their literary thoughts on paper.

i3’s Writer’s Project will provide a community for beginner writers, both adolescent and adult, who wish to develop their writing, editing and critiquing skills, while exploring markets for publication. i3 Resources intends to provide an environment for aspiring writers to become authors by developing their artistic abilities.

Writing Exercises and Development

Involving participants in interactive writing exercises and prompts builds relationships and fuels the creative juices, allowing each participant to write in their own still, while learning and appreciating other’s originality.

This free writing experience will allow the plethora of ideas to flow freely, further encouraging expressions of uniqueness, creativity, while further broadening communication skills.

This program will help young writers find the story behind all the stuff on their minds. The i3 Writer’s Projects will also expose novice writers to new genres. Illustrators will create picture books and graphic novels, playwrights will draft scripts, poets will write poems and so on. We will encourage participants to explore genres that are new to them; for instance, we will have fiction writers attempt non-fiction writing exercises, helping writers to discover skills in new forms of writing.

i3 will offer guidelines to critique group members’ writing, while still giving encouragement and permission to dare to be different through the following methods:

ïParticipants will be encouraged to always respect authors who read their work with active listening and constructive feedback

ïFocus on providing suggestions on what works well before suggesting something to improve upon

ïShare poignant words, phrases and imaginative characters, settings and descriptions

ïNote what is unclear or out of character

ïNote any jarring statements that take the reader out of the story

Though many of the participants may not be ready to send their work out for publication, i3 Writer’s Project is a great opportunity to make them aware of the growing number of story and book publishers who are open to publishing the writing of young and novice authors.

i3 will expose the writer to the various forms of publishing, even looking beyond traditional forms of publication to online forms of writing and contests. i3 will operate as a training component and resource only.

i3 Supported

Angela Woodward -Winner of E-publishing Scholarship (2013)

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Completed Project (2015) – My Love Is Bigger