Jobs Workshop in Church – THE NEED

People who need a job are emotionally sick. They are in pain.

You can’t just tell them to “Get A Job”. That’s like telling someone in the hospital with broken legs to go to the bathroom by themselves. They can’t.  So they just lay in their beds and feel condemnation for the smell. Their attitudes stink and they need help.  They need someone to come alongside and take control…. Cleaning them up and supporting them while they learn to walk again.


They need the proper tools to be successful.

Instead of feeling like a failure when small talk turns to “Where do you work?”, participants are taught how to turn the conversation into their advantage. For example: They might respond with…  “Who do you know in the medical industry? I’m actively looking for work and would appreciate your help.”

They develop confidence in the process and learn language techniques to turn others into their personal recruiters. Instead of avoiding social situations while looking for work, the learn to interact in a helpful way.  Participants are motivated when they realize these early interactions are like interviewing practice and passing out resumes, is simply planting seeds for a future harvest.


That’s just the start.

Finding and securing satisfying work will take most people about 90 days of activity. That time is actually a gift from God. Spending quality time in introspection with Christ and re-evaluation of self… and purpose… can be a very powerful and fulfilling experience; opening the individual and the church to unrealized opportunity.


To discuss how your church or organization can get started, contact Carrie Jeske.


Workshop would meet twice a week for two hours, covering program content and individual career coaching.