Ready? To Figure Out What To Do Next.

STEP 1.  Figure out what to do.   READY?

Appreciating Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Develop an understanding of your personality.  Learn how your personality impacts your job satisfaction.  Discover how your talents influence your work performance.  Use the truth about who you are to communicate your best on paper and in person to secure the right job.

Draft Your Resume

Decide which and how to include your personality characteristics into your resume.  Discover your educational and job skills.  Consider the impact of volunteer work and hobbies toward your skill development.  Assure the right keywords that help employers find you.

Finalize Your Resume 

Develop a smart format and style that highlights important information and minimizes potentially negative facts.  Add additional content and position your bullet points with action.  Improve your responses to tough interview questions.

Find A Company That Needs You

Review final resume.  Learn how to search beyond the want ads and maximize the internet and social networks.  Develop an action plan to job hunting the generates success in 30 to 90 days for most applicants.