Inventors Development Fund (IDF)

There is a vast shortage of new inventive ideas in the United States. As more and more focus is placed on developing new inventions in an invention-deprived environment, an ever-present problem still remains, inventors lack the wherewithal to secure adequate funding to bring their ideas into fruition.

IDF application process is announced once per year. Get active in our social networks to stay up to date.

IDF focuses on providing financial support for inventors’ designs to further the initial product development cycle. With IDF’s resources and financial contributions inventors will be able to successfully combine technical knowledge, human factors, and creativity in order to make their product thrive in the marketplace.

i3 Resources will provide funding, ranging from $200 – $5,000, based such factors as the inventor’s economic status and the potential impact of the invention. i3 works with a non-biased selection committee to review the submitted funding requests (applications).

i3 Supported

Doggy Dig It Patent Filing Costs (2014)
Maker Fair KC (2013) – Inventor Booth Space
Job Readiness Training READY, SET, GO (RSG)