Go – Get A Job Promotion

GO – become an employee that gets promoted.

Creative Problem Solving

Learn to spot and solve problem in the workplace.   Develop a mind geared toward innovation and creativity.  Add value to your employer by increasing your ability to find solutions.

Business Innovation 101
Recognize the value of your position on the organization as a whole.  Understand your companies business model and industry.  Project forward and consider future innovations that can add value to your organization.


Handling Conflict In The Workplace 

Learn to handle conflict with grace and pose.  Reduce the impact of emotions by using the internet and planning to simplify issues to their most manageable point.

Excellence and Integrity

Recognize the important of working at your highest potential when no one is looking.  Consider the pitfalls of greed and self indulgence on corporations and industries.  Commit to a higher standard for yourself and others and learn accountability methods to insure results.

Team Work

Recognize the importance of personality style on team performance.  Appreciate formal and informal leadership styles.  Understand how achieving company goals with team synergy creates an atmosphere of inspiration.

How To Ask For A Raise or Promotion

Learn how to evaluate your contribution to the organization.  Research online compensation guidelines and realize where they are misleading.  Develop a communication plan and learn how to ask for a raise or promotion in a way that increases your chances.

Leadership Development

Develop an informal leadership style that attracts confidence.  Learn how to support your supervisor and develop an action plan to improve your skills.  Understand the 4 leadership styles and the importance of situational leadership based on mirroring employee competence with proven management techniques.

Giving Recognition That’s Meaningful

Figure out that recognition must be specific to be meaningful.  Learn how to reinforce behaviors that move the organization forward through effective communication skills.

Constructive Criticism

Learn when and how to give corrective feedback that helps employees and co-workers evaluate and improve performance.  Learn how to develop a culture of feedback that reduces individual insecurities and allows employees to thrive.

Training Your Replacement

Improve your corporate value by cross training others to perform your job tasks effectively.  Learn to leave jobs and circumstances better than your found them as a way of adding value to yourself and increasing future opportunities from a job well done.