Faith-based Initiative (FBI)

The Faith-based Initiative (FBI) is a program designed to work with local level churches to aid them in reaching beyond the walls of their place of worship. In short, FBI brings the church into the community to reach individuals in need. This is necessary because no outreach ministry will reach its full potential without planning, preparing, and promoting.

FBI is not a program developed to teach the word of Christ, but it edifies the goals of Christ, which is “YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. There is no other commandment greater than these.”

There are many churches that have a desire to be more present in their communities, but they lack the knowledge on how to be effective. FBI will collaborate with faith-based organizations to help them plan and design their community mission work, teaching strategic planning, program development and other methods to increase their reach to surrounding neighborhoods.

FBI will aid in planning and organizing start-up or new churches and funding both short and long-term mission projects of various types, including forming an effective volunteer base, developing job/career programs, creating health and wellness projects, and developing relationships in an effort to touch more lives.

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