Success Principles

The Principle of Now

The best time to create a new habit is at the exact moment the impulse strikes.  Waiting until “Monday” or “After the holidays”, “next month”,” or next week”, rarely works long term.

The next time the urge to begin something, remove something or act on something occurs, try taking immediate steps. Write it down, go for a long walk or run, make the call, put the fork down.

When you act without hesitation, it gives power to your goal. I believe initial steps taken out of the sheer desire to change turn the wheels of momentum.

When momentum is fully engaged, you will notice that baby steps turn into strides. Strides will move you into rhythm.

Rhythm hums the tune that will sustain you and will open the channel for a multitude of melodies longing to flow, like a river of pure, fresh water.

Melodies that beckon your hungry ears and that beat in time to the desires of your heart.

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