Arts Appreciation Program (AAP)

i3 AAP is a theatrical arts program that will expose youth to the world of theater performance. The program will fund theater arts classes for children as an after-school and school-break activity, teaching drama, voice, dance and a broad spectrum of specialty theatrical workshops. Enrolled students will have the opportunity to work behind the scenes, or audition and perform on stage in a Broadway-style musical performed for their school and community.

Arts appreciation’s overall outcomes improve literacy, mathematics, and science skills along with student motivation and social competence. Studies of at-risk youth reveal clear positive outcomes from arts education such as improved reading skills. An added benefit is increased achievement motivation. Feelings of competence and engagement can impact outlook and approach to schoolwork generally — and research on the arts finds impacts showing both increased attendance and fewer disciplinary problems. It has also been found that arts activities are associated with improved writing skills, oral language skills, and sustained attention and focus.

i3 AAP will also serve as a job readiness curriculum, exposing youth to the various industry careers:

ïIndustry Skills Training – Conduct workshops and seminars that will expose participants to various entertainment occupations. Speakers and facilitators will represent the different areas of the industry – including (but not limited to) sound engineers, set designers, business managers, stylists, prop designers, special effects, tour managers, runners, personal assistants, camera operators, etc. We will seek to collaborate with studios/facilities to initially utilize camera equipment, staging, props, etc., to save on expenses. As the organization grows and funding is obtained, i3 will begin to purchase needed equipment.

ïInterpersonal Skills Development – i3 will provide workshops in personal grooming, social graces, networking, resume building, job interviewing, and personal financial management. These classes are designed to educate and build the confidence of the program participants.

ïNetworking & Capacity Building – On a regular basis i3 will invite entertainment industry professionals for networking and mentor recruitment.

i3 Supported

Marissa Sievert (2013) Artistic Development Scholarship Winner.