About Us

Organizational Profile & Leadership Team

i3 Resources is a 501c3 nonprofit that seeks to improve the quality of life and the economic strength of the Nation by fostering innovation, creativity, and excellence in the development of consumer products, technology, engineering education and career development.

Specifically, i3 Resources enables the Nation’s long-term capacity to perform by:

Investing in the creation of internships and career development that provide the experience necessary for achievement and innovation for careers in the fields of engineering, technology and product development, as well as general job security achieved through skill acquisition, in any field of employment.

Securing Grants, Gifts, Donations and Endowments for projects that support economic growth and innovation, forming strategic implementation teams with other nonprofits and community focused endeavors.

Managing events and educational programs that foster innovation and creativity in support of consumer products, technology, and/or engineering initiatives.

Supporting efforts to improve the quality of life of individuals by encouraging more health centered choices that invigorate the mind and body.

Board of Directors


Carrie Jeske, president / founder

Inventive Ideas

Carrie is enjoys working with others to grow organizations by leveraging individual strengths and inspiring personal action.

She’s holds an Master’s in Management with emphasis in Organizational Development and Marketing from Webster University  and served in senior leadership positions for several small businesses, which have grown, numerically.

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Dr. Carol Mack, president

International Transitions

Carol is interested in community engagement and leadership development. She espouses G4-Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) concepts for developing innovative strategies that promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability practices.

Dr. Carol Mack achieved a Doctor of Ministry in Leadership from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2013.  Currently, Consulting; she supports organizations as they develop and/or refine business practices and performance measures that ensure corporate, social responsibility and sustainability. She engages leaders in developing cross-cultural competencies for building communities with vision and dignity.

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Randy & Kellie Reed, pastors

Pastor Randy and Kellie Reed demonstrate compassion for people and commitment to service in all their endeavors.   The two leaders demonstrate dedication and inspire people to overcome obstacles and press through set-backs.

They faithfully engage in community outreach, small and large group event management, mentorship and leadership support.

Contact Pastors Randy or Kelly at LiftChurchKC.com


Cristie Sharpsteen, real estate agent / humorist

RE/MAX Revolution

Cristie is a charismatic person who finds humor in every situation.   She is committed to Quality of Life initiatives that encourage individuals to function at a high level of health and wellness.   She has a keen eye for aesthetics and an uncanny ability to address the unspoken.

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Board of Advisors


Stewart Jeske P.E., president

JEI Structural Engineering

Stewart is a detail-oriented professional who manages finances well and encourages people to operate at the highest levels of integrity.  He is a steward of resources and a strong strategic thinker.

Stewart is sought after advisor, offering wisdom and insight into complex personal and professional matters.

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Steve Pope, president

R2FACT Product Development

Steve is an experienced innovator.  His attention to detail and commitment to excellence make every project higher quality.   He is a hard working, family man committed to helping others turn creativity in to profitable products and services.

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Roger Rose M.S., CIT

Serenity Life Resource Center

Roger has experience in working with youth, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. He has taught emotional enhancement classes at several high-risk elementary schools as well as gathered experience working with other high-risk populations in the more traditional counseling setting.

Roger has a Master’s of Science degree in mental health counseling from a CACREP accredited university. He is a member of the American Counseling Association, and certified in Prepare/Enrich Marriage and Premarital Counseling.

Find out more about Roger at Serenity Life Resource Center.