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Direct Response TV Innovation Education

As Seen on TV or Direct Response Television (DR-TV) is one of the fastest ways ways to test the validity of a new consumer product. There is a proven business science that is used to measure success and, unfortunately, more than 90% of products fail to deliver. Plus, like every area of inventing, there are some companies that you want to steer clear of. Yet, for the chosen few, profits and royalties to inventors are huge with royalty rates between 2 – 4%, one  success could generate hundreds of thousands in cash for the inventor.

  • Learn the seven characteristics that are common with successful As Seen On
    TV products.
  • Adjust your thinking to a “test” mentality and create a variety of
    prospective products.
  • Gain proper perspective on the industry royalty rate and product life cycle.
  • Submit your invention to our product search.

EDUCATE yourself.
Learn the characteristics of successful products and invent for the industry. Download and/or read these articles:

7 Most Important Criteria for DR-TV Products – by ICKC

The Truth About DRTV for Newcomers – by a LinkedIn Comment

5 Keys To Creating A DRTV Hit – by the Electronic Retailing Association

How To Land a Royalty Flush – by Inventor’s Digest

DRTV Production: A Winning Combination – by Response Magazine

Once you educate yourself on what the industry wants in the way of new products, innovation, technologies and consumer products, submit your own inventions to the Inventor’s Club of KC Annual Invention Contest.   Find out how to submit here.

R2FACT Product Development

R2FACT Product Development has partnered with i3 Resources to offer internships to Mechanical Engineers who are interested in learning how to move smart new products, devices or technologies through the stages of development; design, engineeering, prototyping and manufacturing. APPLY HERE Continue Reading

JEI Structural Engineering

JEI Structural Engineering has partnered with i3 Resources to offer specialized internships for entry level structural engineers, who need acquire at least four (4) years of satisfactory engineering experience following the date they received their ABET accredited Bachelor of Science in engineering degree. Requirements for Registration as Professional Engineer in Missouri APPLY HERE Continue Reading

New Product and Invention Contests

The desire to innovate is alive and well in the United States. It seems everyone is in on the endeavor.    Dr Phil is promoting invention.  Ellen Degenerous spotlights new products.   We have new company’s like Quirky and Edision Nation helping inventors launch new ideas.  Then there’s the growing number of large corporations embracing open innation… Continue Reading

Individualized Coaching Can Help

For many, looking for a new job is a daunting task.   Even after you have the resume together and have a handle on the new internet search tools where jobs are listed, many job seekers lack confidence. That’s where individualized coaching can make all the difference in the world.    Sometimes, having an outside person notice… Continue Reading

Award Grants To Small Businesses

I recently developed an interview process and reviewed resumes for a small structural engineering company and was surprised to see many of the graduates working at Price Chopper and as waiters.     This is a problem for our economy on several levels. First, engineers need a 4 year apprecentaceship before qualifying to take the P.E. (professional… Continue Reading

Volunteer While Looking

Being in the middle of a career change doesn’t have to be bad.   In some ways, it may provide you the needed time to reflect and reestablish your goals.   Making sure you redeem the time with productive activity is a critical part of gaining the most from each minute.   It’s okay to sit on the pity… Continue Reading